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The content of the Plazi TreatmentBank can be summarized with the statistics and visualization tools.


Select fields and download Plazi treatment data in multiple formats. Selected fields turn from gray to green. Data on all materials (cited specimens) are available through the “Materials Citations Data” domain; these data are summarized by treatment in the “Materials Data” domain. Select the relevant operation (e.g., show individual values, count distinct values, count all values, minimum value, maximum value) for each selected field. The “Get Statistics” button runs the selected query. You can save the results using one of the links indicating desired format. It may be useful to choose an appropriate file name and add an extension to the file (e.g., .csv for comma separated values).

TreatmentBank Statistics



Generate custom summary charts from Plazi treatment data. Select one of more series. Aggregate data into groups. Add filters to focus on particular aspects of the data. Add formatting, and generate one of five kinds of charts (using the Google Charts API ). The chart appears in its own window along with javascript code that can be used to insert this chart into a web page .

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